Sunday, 6 March 2011

1st Post..Weehuuu!!! ^_^

Hello there!!

Well at last, lahir gak blog nie. Niat dihati nak buat blog tersangat lah lama. But then tak buat gak. Finally, here I am..Tadaaa!!! ^_^

My 1st post is....I Miss Mohd Syaharil Mohd Saad..miss him so muchy muchy..hehe..

Who is Mohd Syaharil?? Opssy..he is my precious fiancĂ©e and husband to be, InsyaAllah. Can't wait to be wifey to Mohd Syaharil. LOVE YOU SO MUCH.
B, cepatla turun darat. Buat apa la lelama kt laut tu..ishk2.. :)

Mohd Syaharil Mohd Saad, can't wait to see you in 2 weeks time :)

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