Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A Month Before........

Assalamualaikum all,

Its been a month ++ i had post anything. Alhamdulillah Im wifey to Mohd Syaharil Mohd Saad now. 13.5.2011 the date i had my "Akad Nikah". Everything goes well as I plan. Nervous, Happy, Speechless & Wordless..all mix together. For everything we've been through and all the dificulties we face together with PATIENT, CARES and LOVES with all our heart makes us become strong and learn more about how to live a better LIFE. Im really thanks to Allah S.W.T that I found you in my life. You complete the emptiness in my heart with beautiful Loves from you. 

On 14.4.2011 we had a Pre-Wedding session. Here a few photos that I Love most. For my Wedding Photos...erm.. may be later. (^_^)

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