Wednesday, 26 October 2011

~TPM Family Day~

Assalamualaikum everyone,

Yeah!! Its my so call "Family Day" with TPM (Technology Park Malaysia - tempat mencari rezeki) at The Saujana Hotel, Subang.  The theme of the Family Day is......Warna Warni TPM.. ^_^ Supposedly the event jadi "Open Company for Hari Raya" but then it happened after a month of Hari Raya so it change to Family Day. It was fun since it also my 1st event came with a husband right. As usual in a Family Day mestila ada Lucky Draw kan but im not very lucky that day. Just got a RM100 voucher from The Saujana Hotel , better than nothing right. So here are a few photos at the event. 

Just arrive..Tadaaaa.!!! :)

Me, Salleh Yacob (our Artis Jemputan) & kak awyn (my senior colleague)

He is sooo not comfortable sebab panas kn hubby.. :)

With TPM College staff. The red_Norlie a.k.a Angah & The Pink_Emma Yulianti (nice name right)

My favorite photo.. ^_^

At stage_Joget Time!!!!

My Handsome Hubby.. :)

Peace Yawww..!!!


Dah start buat perangai kan..kan..kan..heeeee..

Pokok yang menjadi rebutan

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