Thursday, 14 June 2012

~The Premium Beautiful ~ The Successful of PB Business

Assalamualaikum girls, ladies, women ^_^

Its been a while I've not updating my blog. I'm a bit busy with my works, my family plus my business. Now my Long Distance LOVE start again today. My hubby in Kemaman now before sailing. My Doa will always be with you my dear. Miss him already. (-_-)

Okey enough with my rainbow feelings (hehe)..Today I'm happy to share with you guys about people who had SUCCESSFULLY  involved and guide me in the PB Business.

Introducing all of you to my Leader & Business Partner of PB Business :))


Who is Hanis Haizi??She is one year older than me, but her income now is MORE than RM200K monthly!!! Is it true??!! Oh yeah. If you guys did not believe it here is her blog if you want to know how she can be so successful like this. [] She just a housewife but can earn that much. If she can do it why not us right!! Its just a matter of how is your effort to get what you have TARGET. InsyaAllah we will be like her one day.


Kak Wati (red dress) is my next leader. She is a teacher. So she's doing this business as a part time business. She is a very helpful leader. Even though she's pregnant and waiting to deliver, yet she still help me meeting with client every week. She's really focus on this business and earn BONUS OF 5 FIGURES!!! Alhamdulillah that is her Rizq with her effort right. So she really deserve it.


Next is my best friend since we in Matrix College. Isn't she beautiful?? More that Beautiful but Gorgeous right. :)) She's a mother to one little hensem boy, Wazeef and one little gorgeous like her Bonda, Xyra. She's the one that introduce me to this PB Business. She's also a housewife just like Hanis Haizi with two kids and yet had sales RM60K ++ within a few months only. That's really amazing for me because she just doing this business far away from her leader. She stay in Bintulu but that doesn't matter for her and success till now. Salute for her. Cayalah Na!!! :))

Alhamdulillah to have them in this PB Business. Without them how can I know about Business, earn an extra income and have a lots of more friends/clients that really satisfied with this PB product. It such a wonderful feelings that I have now. 

INTERESTED TO BE PART OF MY TEAM??!! Come lets join us. Its not a waste of time. If we can do it why not YOU right!!! Even you are a working ladies/women but still can do this. LETS EARN AN EXTRA DOUBLE INCOME!!!

If you want to know more about this PB Business just contact me 019-3531770 or add me at FB Diyana Mokhtar for more details. Weather you interested to buy PB or to know about business, it will be my pleasure to help you. SHARING IS CARING Right!! ^_^

Monday, 21 May 2012

The Premium Beautiful ~ The Set

Assalamualaikum ladies,

Before this I had blog about what is PB. Today, I will show and explain a little more details about The Set of Premium Beautiful. ^_^ Enjoy!!


  • The unique 3-piece dimensional clipping cups designed to push up, support and provide firmness to chest.
  • Steel cartilage effectively provides firmness and support.
  • Bi-layer depression and tightness designed to flatten abdomen and enhance breasts natural shape at optimum.
  • 2 ultra-soft wire coils help to slim down body, enhance and firm up body contour.
  • The design of bi-layer depression and tightness enables the re-shape of excessive fat around the back.
  • Unique ‘U’ shape at the back not only serves as slimming purpose, but also outlines the back contour effectively.
  • Diamond butterfly serves as on ornament to protrude the exclusiveness of the product.
  • Three pairs of Hook-and-Eye give you safe and comfortable flexibility.


  • Made of seven pieces of ‘smart technology’ wires. It provides support to waist comfortably as well as upholds the backbone and straightens posture firmly.
  • The unique bodyshape design, transfers the fat from waist to the breasts and buttocks accordingly, thus to create a perfect and well-balanced contour.
  • The imported string from Japan enables the forming of an exquisite waist contour.
  • The flexible cutting design creates a perfect contour individually.
  • Three pairs of Hook-and-Eye give you safe and comfortable flexibility.


  • The 32-piece stereoscopic cutting design, based on ‘Fragmentary Pressure Compression Theory’ will effectively divert displaced fat to its original position.
  • Unique hip cutting and design will effectively rectify the sagging buttocks, enhance the hip curve and prop-up-hip.
  • Detached contour thigh and buttocks, divert excessive fat around the thigh into the hip cup, attaining attractive hip contour.
  • Cotton on the waist of girdle provides comfort and enhances waist curve.
  • Diamond butterfly serves as an ornament to protrude the exclusiveness of the product.
  • The fixed pressure compression at the abdomen reduces the excessive fat, thus to flatten the abdomen.
  • Bi-layer pressure compression design helps to adjust excessive fat around thighs, thus to develop slimmer legs.
  • Holey bi-layer cotton provides comfort while wearing.
  • Flexible laces avoid any uncomfortable feeling.

PB is good for each one of us. Its a good investment for beauty and health also for every women of all ages. Without PILLS, SURGERIES & INJECTIONS. Its also a LIFE TIME WARRANTY!!!

Interested to have one, contact me for more details!!

Friday, 18 May 2012

The Premium Beautiful ~ What is PB?

Assalamualaikum alls,

Alhamdulillah, there are a lot women and girls out there interested to know more what is actually PB mean? What type of corset it is? And what actually the benefits of PB for us as a women? I will explain details about everything regards to Premium Beautiful Corset.


Premium Beautiful Corset is a SUPERBRAND Corset for Health and Beauty. Premium Beautiful Corset is currently the Number One choice in Malaysia for women who want to be healthy, beautiful and have high confidence. With its unique Far-Infrared-Rays (FIR) technology, as well as being recognized by 3 International Chiropractic Associations, it is no surprise that thousands of Malaysian women have chosen Premium Beautiful Corset. Premium Beautiful Corset is a 3 piece set consist of Long Bra, Waist Nipper and Long Girdle.


  • The corset was specially design for 70% health and 30% beauty.
  • Instant body shaping and slimming, while promote improved blood circulation and higher metabolic rate.
  • Though each set is made of highly durable quality, it still comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY.
  • The pioneer in using Far Infrared Rays (FIR) technology in women lingerie.
  • Recommended by 3 International Chiropractic Associations.
  • 360 degrees elasticity to promote highest level of comfort.


Far Infrared Ray is one of the ‘good’ energy wave that comes from our Sunlight. Unlike the ‘bad’ waves such as Ultraviolet & Microwaves which is harmful if exposed to, FIR can provide positive effects and is proven to be beneficial to humans. In recent years, FIR has also been widely accepted as alternative therapy for various diseases.


  • Far Infrared expands capillaries
  • Far Infrared is excellent for detoxification
  • Far Infrared stimulates enzyme activity and metabolism
  • Far Infrared may induce the killing of varied pathogenic (disease causing) bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasite.
  • Far Infrared promotes rebuilding of injured tissue
  • Far Infrared relieves nervous tension and relax autoneuro muscles
  • Far Infrared strengthens the Immune System
  • Far Infrared strengthens the Cardiovascular System


The Premium Beautiful Corset has been around in the market for more than 10 years. Eversince its introduction to the market, it has been proven to be Malaysian Women’s favorite with happy clients ranging from the royalties, celebrities to the masses of housewives  and women all over Malaysia. The product was also honored with a SUPERBRAND Award to prove its claims as the No.1 Corset in Malaysia.
Don’t take our words for it. Hear what the REAL people who wears the magical corset has to say about this product as your can search for thousands of happy testimonials all around the Internet.
Below are the summary of the most common testimonials:
  • Perfect Corset for brides to be and to wear it with the Wedding dress. A perfect pair made in heaven.
  • For post-delivery and while in confinement period, a perfect modern ‘Bengkung’ and ‘Barut’ as compared to the traditional ones.
  • Best solution to relief and provide support for back-pain and slip disc.
  • Help patients cyst and fibroid.
  • Return the stretched-mark skins back to its normal tone.
  • Alleviate asthma attacks
  • Firm and shaping breast and hump/bump.

To order or know more about PB,
contact me Diyana Mokhtar

Email :

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Premium Beautiful ~ 1st Step in Business

Assalamuallaikum everyone, pregnancy almost 4 months! Rasa macam cepat je masa berlalu kan. Morning Sickness from day to day even worst la pulak kan. Tiap-tiap pagi, tengah hari, petang and even malam asyik nak vomit je. Its not morning sickness already, it became timely sickness. (Ye ye je bagi nama macam tu kan).

While I'm in "pregnancy period", I'm planning on doing a business for side income. Well, it is necessary for us to look for side income especially when we will have a new comer in our life. Its true that our hubby is responsible to find Rizq for us BUT we as a wifey should try to reduce the burden and find Rizq together. Kan bagus kalau macam tu. Lagipun, we love shopping right. Kalau ada duit sendiri lagi seronok shopping kan. 

And YES I'm a working women right now, but the salary is not like a manager. Lagi 10 tahun kot baru boleh jadi manager. Nowadays, property like housing is not become more cheaper instead it become more and more expensive. Same to our groceries right. After a few deduction here and there, berapa je la yang dapat untuk kita shopping kan. 

Alhamdulillah, my best friends Na from MATRIKs dulu offered me to do a business with her. That's the starting for me to know about doing a business. A few difficulties and problems occur before I'm starting doing it but now alhamdulillah its going smoothly. I've got fully positive support from by Beloved Hubby when started to join this business. Syukran Jazillan..

The business that I've joined is....(drum roll...bagi excited sikit ^_^) The Premium Beautiful: The Corset. Tujuan utama join this business of course to have an extra income and second is nak berhenti kerja and jaga anak after deliver nanti. I want to 100% focus on my baby in the future. Sebab tu la start business sekarang. This business really helps me to find and extra income. Very da easy one la doing this business. Even house wife pun boleh buat just like my bestfriends Na yang offered this business to me. She just a housewife but she doing REALLY SUCCESS in this business. 1st month join this business I've got my 1st bonus RM4,500.00 and had sale a few of the corset to the clients. Like I said, business nie sangat la senang. 

Other benefits from joining this Premium Beautiful Business such as:

  • BONUS!!!
  • Got to wear PB Corset for FREE!!
  • A chance for FREE TRIP EVERY YEAR!!! All expenses support by this business. Just have to bring money for SHOPPING!! (Dapat bawak husband lagi tau!!! :) )
....and more from this Premium Beautiful Corset...... EXCITED tak???

So, interested to join me with this business and to know lot more about what is PREMIUM me at or pm me at FB "Diyana Mokhtar" . Dont hesitate to try and not to judge it before you trying your best doing it~!!

Lets get EXTRA INCOME guys!! ^_^

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

I'm Pregnant!!! Alhamdulillah~

Assalamualaikum all,

As per my new entry, its about me, pregnant. So how I know that I'm pregnant? The story begin...Once upon a time there was a name Diyana..chewah dah macam cerita fairy-tale la pulak kan. It started when I felt so dizzy early in the morning before went to work. Mula la my husband risau, he said may be tak cukup tidur kot. But then it continuous to the next day and next. I am more worried because before this kalau felt dizzy macam tu sebab blood pressure tak menentu. Tapi...I felt something different with my tummy. Rasa macam buncit semacam je. Tak kan la buncit sebab gemuk sangat kot. [Padahal memang makan banyak pun at that time]. But then I still did not expect anything. The next day, I straight away went to Tan & Mano clinic at my office and ask the doctor that I want to do a pregnancy test. [Tadi did not expect anything, but asking to do a pregnancy test.Confuse!!  ^_^ ]

Jeng..jeng..jeng..At last, Alhamdulillah..the assistant give a big smile at me and I know what is the result without asking. With her smile I know that I'm pregnant. Ya Allah, rasa macam nak menangis, tak percaya and I'm freezing!! No words to describe about my feeling at that time. Doctor said congratulation and give me some advice to take care of my health and give me a few vitamin for me and my baby.

I cant stop smiling. Tak sabar nak inform my husband, but he was in a class at Kuala Kubu Bharu. I give him a text message saying that it was an urgent matter. A few minutes later my husband call, the good news being informed and same as me no words to describe the happiness. Terus nak balik rumah. Both the wifey and the hubby live happily ever after......The End...Ada macam Cinderella Story tak?

Well that the story is. Ignore the Cinderella Story part. ^_^

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Year 2012


Alhamdulillah and syukran..we still breathing in the Earth own by Allah. We had enter a new chapter of our life's in this new year of 2012. For me the year of 2011 have a lot of colorful story of mine. Well I'm a married women now!! Alhamdulillah, after so many difficulties, barrier, hates and some other things that hardly to describe by word happens to us, we been Ijab Qabul on 13th May 2011, Friday. Syukur pada Allah S.W.T, because of what had happen to us make we became more closer to Him. I believe what goes around comes around. Let Allah S.W.T do what best for them.

So now a new year of 2012, I pray to all of us the utmost future ahead, happiness, success, good health and achieve what we had dreams! Semoga Allah S.W.T sentiasa memberkati kehidupan kita di dunia dan juga akhirat kelak, InsyaAllah..Amin.. ^_^