Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Premium Beautiful ~ 1st Step in Business

Assalamuallaikum everyone,

Alhamdulillah..my pregnancy almost 4 months! Rasa macam cepat je masa berlalu kan. Morning Sickness from day to day even worst la pulak kan. Tiap-tiap pagi, tengah hari, petang and even malam asyik nak vomit je. Its not morning sickness already, it became timely sickness. (Ye ye je bagi nama macam tu kan).

While I'm in "pregnancy period", I'm planning on doing a business for side income. Well, it is necessary for us to look for side income especially when we will have a new comer in our life. Its true that our hubby is responsible to find Rizq for us BUT we as a wifey should try to reduce the burden and find Rizq together. Kan bagus kalau macam tu. Lagipun, we love shopping right. Kalau ada duit sendiri lagi seronok shopping kan. 

And YES I'm a working women right now, but the salary is not like a manager. Lagi 10 tahun kot baru boleh jadi manager. Nowadays, property like housing is not become more cheaper instead it become more and more expensive. Same to our groceries right. After a few deduction here and there, berapa je la yang dapat untuk kita shopping kan. 

Alhamdulillah, my best friends Na from MATRIKs dulu offered me to do a business with her. That's the starting for me to know about doing a business. A few difficulties and problems occur before I'm starting doing it but now alhamdulillah its going smoothly. I've got fully positive support from by Beloved Hubby when started to join this business. Syukran Jazillan..

The business that I've joined is....(drum roll...bagi excited sikit ^_^) The Premium Beautiful: The Corset. Tujuan utama join this business of course to have an extra income and second is nak berhenti kerja and jaga anak after deliver nanti. I want to 100% focus on my baby in the future. Sebab tu la start business sekarang. This business really helps me to find and extra income. Very da easy one la doing this business. Even house wife pun boleh buat just like my bestfriends Na yang offered this business to me. She just a housewife but she doing REALLY SUCCESS in this business. 1st month join this business I've got my 1st bonus RM4,500.00 and had sale a few of the corset to the clients. Like I said, business nie sangat la senang. 

Other benefits from joining this Premium Beautiful Business such as:

  • BONUS!!!
  • Got to wear PB Corset for FREE!!
  • A chance for FREE TRIP EVERY YEAR!!! All expenses support by this business. Just have to bring money for SHOPPING!! (Dapat bawak husband lagi tau!!! :) )
....and more from this Premium Beautiful Corset...... EXCITED tak???

So, interested to join me with this business and to know lot more about what is PREMIUM BEAUTIFUL..email me at deanna_boy@yahoo.com or pm me at FB "Diyana Mokhtar" . Dont hesitate to try and not to judge it before you trying your best doing it~!!

Lets get EXTRA INCOME guys!! ^_^

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