Thursday, 14 June 2012

~The Premium Beautiful ~ The Successful of PB Business

Assalamualaikum girls, ladies, women ^_^

Its been a while I've not updating my blog. I'm a bit busy with my works, my family plus my business. Now my Long Distance LOVE start again today. My hubby in Kemaman now before sailing. My Doa will always be with you my dear. Miss him already. (-_-)

Okey enough with my rainbow feelings (hehe)..Today I'm happy to share with you guys about people who had SUCCESSFULLY  involved and guide me in the PB Business.

Introducing all of you to my Leader & Business Partner of PB Business :))


Who is Hanis Haizi??She is one year older than me, but her income now is MORE than RM200K monthly!!! Is it true??!! Oh yeah. If you guys did not believe it here is her blog if you want to know how she can be so successful like this. [] She just a housewife but can earn that much. If she can do it why not us right!! Its just a matter of how is your effort to get what you have TARGET. InsyaAllah we will be like her one day.


Kak Wati (red dress) is my next leader. She is a teacher. So she's doing this business as a part time business. She is a very helpful leader. Even though she's pregnant and waiting to deliver, yet she still help me meeting with client every week. She's really focus on this business and earn BONUS OF 5 FIGURES!!! Alhamdulillah that is her Rizq with her effort right. So she really deserve it.


Next is my best friend since we in Matrix College. Isn't she beautiful?? More that Beautiful but Gorgeous right. :)) She's a mother to one little hensem boy, Wazeef and one little gorgeous like her Bonda, Xyra. She's the one that introduce me to this PB Business. She's also a housewife just like Hanis Haizi with two kids and yet had sales RM60K ++ within a few months only. That's really amazing for me because she just doing this business far away from her leader. She stay in Bintulu but that doesn't matter for her and success till now. Salute for her. Cayalah Na!!! :))

Alhamdulillah to have them in this PB Business. Without them how can I know about Business, earn an extra income and have a lots of more friends/clients that really satisfied with this PB product. It such a wonderful feelings that I have now. 

INTERESTED TO BE PART OF MY TEAM??!! Come lets join us. Its not a waste of time. If we can do it why not YOU right!!! Even you are a working ladies/women but still can do this. LETS EARN AN EXTRA DOUBLE INCOME!!!

If you want to know more about this PB Business just contact me 019-3531770 or add me at FB Diyana Mokhtar for more details. Weather you interested to buy PB or to know about business, it will be my pleasure to help you. SHARING IS CARING Right!! ^_^

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