Monday, 4 February 2013

My Hero Bambam!

Assalamualaikum girls,

Wah its been a loooonnggg time tak update this blog. Now dah 2013 dah pun kan and I'm a mother to my little bambam hero. My Doa in this 2013, may Allah will guide my family and I thru the right path, dilimpahi Rizq dan diberkati segala amalan.Insha Allah, Amiinn :)

Sangat seronok okey ada anak ni. Your life totally change. No need alarm to wake up cause he will be our alarm clock. Heee. Everyday nak pergi kerja makin bertambah malas. Rasa nak duduk 24 hours with him. Never bored at all! Always miss him while at work. His my partner, my hero while his Papa went sailing. LOVE you baby ucuk bambam Daniel!! 

May Allah S.W.T bless my love family always. They are my everything in this world.  (^_^)

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